Hey :)

As this is my first blog, I want to high-five you or clink our theoretical glasses for taking the time to read what I have to say. *cheers!* I’d also like to simply say, “thanks,” because this is much more of an investment of your time than a scroll through your feed, or a pretty picture with a witty caption, and most definitely not as cute as videos of baby animals. You may or may not have noticed that I’ve gone off the grid in terms of social media. As that is the main (or at least the most immediate and influential) source of information, it’s a decision I didn’t make without much time spent considering how this might affect my life, my relationships and my music. But bottom line, it came down to asking myself what I value and being honest about social media's role and the toll it takes on my day-to-day life.

I’ve examined my habits lately and I’ve started to understand exactly how much of my time, energy and intentions have been more focused on what to post to stay relevant, how to caption it without looking like I tried too hard, or what others would think about it and in turn, what they would think about me. It’s made me hate myself and how much I thought about what I could do to be as good, or beautiful, or talented, or interesting, or successful as my friends as well as imitate accounts that were specifically chosen for me to see by an algorithm that knows more about my psyche than my current therapist.

I slowed down and I realized I was losing so much of what I value most, which is time and being connected. However, it's counterintuitive because social media promises just that- time spent on creating opportunities for meaningful connections. Millions of people have careers, relationships and life-changing stories because of the opportunities social media has afforded them. And while it is a highlight reel, you still get to be a witness to the best of humor, joy, beauty, the glory and often the pitfalls of the human experience at your fingertips.

And those are the very reasons why I know it seems illogical to eliminate the only platforms that I use to keep my latest and greatest on the radar, but I'm going to downsize and simplify anyways. I’m banking on the fact that people have found music, artists and information worth reading and sharing before these social media giants existed. I’m hoping that whatever I choose to put out in the world from a creative standpoint is found regardless of whether or not I post about it because at the end of the day, it’s not going to tip the scales. It’s the people that listen in their car, or at work, or at parties, and tell their friends, and go to shows that give art life.

I’ll still be here. But I’ll be living my life in a more present and intentional way which will hopefully feed into the music I create and foster the relationships I already have. I want to inspire you and stay connected. However, I don’t want it to come with the need for approval based on the general acceptance of how social media platforms have capitalized on and fueled our natural insecurities. I want to take the time to make art that is worth your while and connect from an intentional and less egocentric place.

If you’ve gotten this far, bless you. Thank you for reading. If you want updates from me about life, new music, shows and all the stuff in between in your email, you can subscribe. And if not, that’s cool too. You can also send me any messages, comments, and questions here. They’ll go straight to my personal email. I hope that this post, if nothing else, makes you think twice about the time you spend and how you spend it. I think living a life worth posting about is most likely not going to show up in a perfectly curated feed and the person living it won’t care about how it’s measured in number of likes, comments or views. I want that kind of life. Til the next post, friends.